Why Double Skirt Is Our Favourite Fall Trend?

If you haven’t seen this trend yet, you definitely will soon. We first noticed it on the Sacai runway – a sort of double-skirt that’s a mashup of the prim, proper pencil skirt or a structured A-line mini, with a pleated skirt peeking out the side. We call it the sidekick, and it was all over London this season too.

So, why are two skirts better than one? Because the sidekick skirt combines some of our very favourite fashion themes – asymmetry, deconstruction, layering with literally no effort – and also provides primo real estate for colorblocking or mixing up crazy prints, depending on your inclination.

Check out our double skirts with Black Block Skirt, White Block Skirt and Blue Block Skirt.

(Source: Refinery29)


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