How to Wear Winter Pastels?

The winter blues (a.k.a grays and blacks) bringing down your wardrobe?

We’ve got a solution for you: pastels. Powdery pink, baby blues and cool mint are trending, and they provide a pretty counterpoint to the edgy leather pants, tough moto boots and other tomboy staples we rely on to get us through the season. But how to wear winter pastels?

We have asked Daniela Ramirez for her advice on wearing pastels year-round.

The powdery pants

“We think of pastels as a spring color, but it’s always about how you wear them,” says Ramirez. “You can pair pastel pants with leather to edge them up a little.”

The soft blazer

A tip for all you office dwellers: “I would definitely incorporate pastel into a blazer,” suggests Ramirez. “It’s still professional and can be easily taken from day to night.” Not as stodgy as a basic black blazer, yet not too casual.

The icy-hued knitwear

“Look for pieces with heavier fabrics instead of light chiffon,” advises Ramirez. Knitwear, cashmere, wool – get them all in pastels to lighten up your blacks and grays.

The blush pump

This winter, Ramirez is trying new, unexpected ways to inject color into her outfits, like with a ballet-pink pump. “I loved sneaking into my mom’s closet and always making a mess trying everything on,” Ramirez recalls of her childhood.

(source: refinery29) 


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