Summer holidays, Castle Chambord, France

Every time we have holidays in France, we never forget to visit some castles in the Loire Valley. The whole family got up early to prepare a picnic’s lunch with fruit wines, sandwiches and dessert of plums or apples, it is enough to “hit” the road!

A sunny and windy summer day are so wonderful for riding horses in the garden surrounded by many trees. The area attracts the most visitors is the famous staircase designed by Leonardo de Vinci. I was walking in the famous double sprial staircase that links the castle’s 3 floors and also supports the lantern surmounted by a fleur-de-lys.

The staircase comprises 2 concentric spiral flights of stairs that wind independently around a hollow central column, so if 2 people each take one flight they can see each other through the openings in the central column but will never meet! The real masterpiece of French Renaissance Art designed by Leonardo de Vinci.


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