Paris & me

Plenty of photos, plenty of things that drive me crazy during these days in France.

Hang out with friends day and night, café, cooking, eating, shopping, visit The Love Bridge, Château de Versaille, Notre Dame, Disneyland Paris, Tour Montparnasse Paris 360°, Museé Grévin,  or simple enjoy a beautiful afternoon to walk around Montmartre, Le Louvre, Mademoiselle Eiffel, passed a wonderful Valentine day in Paris, horsing & fall… and more. 

There are some snap-shot that Yo and Anaïs did to me today, alors, I’m collecting my memories for “Paris et Ly” with much more experiences myself that I think no one can find in any guide-book.

La maison du chocolat Paris is the most delicious and 
expensive chocolate store in the world
P/S: Another funny thing I’ve found that my name, Vũ Hương Ly was translated by Yoann: “la danse du parfum des fleurs de lys” (the dance of the perfume from lily – điệu nhảy từ mùi hương của những bông hoa ly)  and a friend of him, Germain said to me that des fleurs de lys represents the King as his own symbol. 

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