Nouvelle chambre de YoLy – New house, New Room, New Déco

After a long time of changing house, moving to France, back to work… and now, we want to present some corners of Nouvelle Chambre de YoLy  with all the new things: House, Room, Furniture, Déco, Garden… 

I love the feeling of decorating our house, my room by myself. And everyday back to work, enjoy my leisure  time with Loulou, Yoann, reading books under the light from a lot of scented candles made in France, Italy, India or Morocco.

Also, I like gardening. Now, we have a big garden with a beautiful aquarium, 3 large banana trees, flowers and a rooftop full of bean and tomato plants from Yoann.

Just Love it so much. My new Home.


Little canapé in our bed room

A collection of “tout les petites Eiffel” 

 Upper my dressing table

A wall in my working place


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