Showroom for Ly Vu Couture #1

Sometimes I can’t explain where all these energy come from? Everyday after that day 29/2/2012, I have been in a kind of a special mood, capable of working 16 – 18 hours per day.

Yoann always knows exactly how to support me. He sent me this message “Give a girl the right shoes, she can conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe, I deeply understand he believes that I can conquer “my own world”. Of course someone can laugh at me because I am a typical emotional woman of everything, even on serious business but I do trust on my sensibility which will lead me go to a right way – My Way.

During 20 days, the decoration of  Ly Vu Couture‘s showroom has done 70 % and it is being completed now. Everyday I can feel I have more and more inspiration, more and more love from my grand parents, my mother, Yoann, my brother, chi Phuong, my workers, my friends.

My mother asked me: “With all the things you have done, have you ever feel regret?” 
I told her: “I never feel regret for what I have done, only for what I can’t or didn’t do it”.

But I also realize the truth from some relationships, it turned to be so clear: They can say they are your friends, but only you know exactly who deserves to be a friend.


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