YoLy at Banyan, Hoi An

We just came back to Ha Noi yesterday afternoon from our 1st “vacation rapid” in September and of course, we must work hard right now! We visited Hoi An in 2008 with Pierre, a French friend of us and my mother only one afternoon so for sure that It wasn’t enough for truly hungry-travelers like us. That’s reason why we decided to come back Hoi An in a pretty long holidays which started from Vietnamese National Day (last Friday, 2nd September) until Sunday to visit our old Canadian friend, Jacques Souliere.


I didn’t expect that we spent our entire week in Le BanYan where if I said “All about Paradise”, it wouldn’t be far from the truth. It’s more than just a bar, almost as a French community camp with sublime ocean views, nearby islands and mountains. It’s the kind of place where you can just plant yourself for hours having fresh cocktails, Cool Mojito, Super Bloody Mary, Huge San Miguel, go to swim, surfing, kite-surfing, lay down in beautiful garden to take sunbath… without realizing that the morning has come and gone. You forget your phone number, your password of logging blog or Facebook… or deeply think that your life is going so slow but absolutely glory.


What could I say? The true definition of vacation. I just can put out all my random words in this entry because my head is still flowing somewhere else… The full trip with text & photos will be continue soon.



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