Joyeux Noël with Yoann’s family, France, travel diary #3

Each year we come back France to visit Yoann’s family, and this time is the 1st time after 5 years living in Vietnam, we are here for Christmas and New Year. We are old enough to no longer believe in fairy tale, story of Santa Claus jumps into the fireplace brings gifts to children, but we are so eager and excited for… Christmas Eve’s feast with delicious traditional dishes: salmon salad, foie gras, tournedos of beef fried with butter, Gratin Dauphinois – sliced potatoes baked with fresh cream and cheese, grilled lamb leg… and of course, we can not forget to complete the party with a special bottle of red wine as Ramatuelle, 2007!
Alors, tchin tchin & Merry Chirstmas everyone!

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