Horsing & Fall

It’ll be great for all visitors who just pass by Paris in few days. It’s enough for them to do not care that:
– Paris has a lot of homeless people 
– Paris has a plenty of defrauders
– Parisians have to collect shit of their dog because of they can pay 473 Euros if police see  it. (NOT because of  they are hygienic people.)
– Paris is terrible in traffic jam, paying for a ticket in a parking with 32 Euros. (928.000 VND)
So, another gloomy day, when we don’t want to try to survive with all plenty of pessimistic faces in Paris. We enjoy leisure time in La FertéAlais. Honestly, I prefer this peaceful, beautiful town more than Paris, totally a superb city with too much things attract but also distract you at the same time. 
We have a course of practicing horses in Les Ecuries de la Boissiere (91 Orveau) with Jean Phillipe, a horse-breaker. We have 15 minutes to warm up body and connect with our horses.
Click on the picture to have a large view

Yo & his white horse

My horse, she is  really a beautiful lady and I am totally in love with her charming way of keeping  her right rear leg when she stops. We had such a wonderful time together passing by forest, fields… 
Unfortunately, she got scared of a big truck on the road  when we came back and made me fell down in a fresh mud. Bammmmm!!! 
Finally, I still got this certificate.


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