From Musée Grévin Paris

Ever since 1882, in Grévin, all the modern celebrities who have typified a period have been presented to the public. Stars, politicians, international celebrities, historical figures, the “Tout Paris” – all the famous Parisians, elected by the Grévin Academy, meet at the Grévin. 

And you can have your photograph taken next to the celebrities and make unique encounters happen in a world where reality and illusion, face and fiction, the play of real actors, spurious automatons, and real statues all merge.

And here, some photos “taken with stars” that I like most.
Alain & Serge Gainsbourg

Christine & Ray Charles Robinson

Yo & Louis de Funès

 Jean Paul Gaultier

Leonard de Vinci

 Pablo Picasso

Romy Schneider

Victor Hugo

Louis XIV

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