Fashion Mistakes Women Often Make In Winter

Too Many Layers

To avoid looking like a grizzly bear in winter, you should add on more inner wear instead of coat. With a cotton tank top under the sweater or a shirt, then a cardigan (optional) and lastly a coat, you sure can get through the winter. When the temperature drops down below zero, some heat-retaining items, from Uniqlo for example, can be your sidekick.

Sweaters without the Lining

Wool doesn’t have the moisture-absorbing function and sometimes causes irritation for sensitive skin. Once again, with a cotton inner wear only, you can get rid of the irritation and keep your body warm at the same time.

Dress and Trench Coat’s Length Difference

To wear the fabulous dresses in a very cold winter, we all need a fashionable trench coat. However, you should take care of the length balance between the dress and the trench coat. A longer dress goes with a shorter trench coat will make you look shorter and untidy as well.

Too colorful

Color Bock can be a fashion disaster if you are not so good in mixing colors. The safest solution for those who are not so confident with their color senses is to drag all the attention to only one item. For example, if you wear a neon trench coat, a black/ white bag can soften down the look.


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