Dear Château de Versailles,

It’s really hard to give some words about Château Versailles because probably it’s out of norm, out of my limited English vocabulary. 

It’s a reason why I borrow the beautiful words from a poem wrote by Madame De Sévigné about Château Versailles which captured me in the 2nd visit.

“I have returned from Versailles. 
I have seen the beautiful apartment; 
They are enchanting. If I had read about it in a story, 
I would have built a château in Spain to see its nature.
I have beheld and touched it, it is truly delightful.”

I was enchanted from all the little things as the door-looks, movable doors, glass-lamp, painted ceilings,  royal  statues of the King Louis XIV, Queen… around The Hall of Mirrors, the biggest and the most wonderful room in Château Versailles  and a hundred things I can’t write about right now.



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