I first started my blog in 2010 mostly about my daily life with feelings and experiences about my work as journalist, fashion editor and stylist, my “behind the scene” memories with my co-workers, my friends who gave me such a lot of inspirations, also some of my art works and paintings.

Then I traveled much more with my boyfriend Yoann and each trip allowed me to express a lot through my photographs but it’s not enough or never can be enough. I quite my job in a communication &’ media company at 29 Feb, 2012 and from that day, I feel full of energy and fresh. My life, my philosophy, my point of view evolved. I created my own fashion brand named Ly Vu Couture on 14, May 2012, special about women’s clothes.

But I still keep moving and seeing, writing and sharing, honestly, I think that’s kind of my goal for living. My boyfriend Yoann did help me so so much for IT part, coding, custom the blog which became the website right now. My blog continues to evolve and so do I. I continue to diversify my sources of both inspiration and expression and I wish all of you can share it, feel it with me.

I don’t know, you can call that a blog, a visual diary but me, I prefer it is called “daily fresh bread“. Welcome to my little world and thanks to be my readers.


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