Some Breathing Room For Our Legs

It’s time to embrace the wide-leg, cropped pants: gaucho pants or culottes. Coming onto the scene with trepidation almost two years ago (Celine, Louis Vuitton), the trend has only gained momentum since then.

To start off with a little history lesson, gaucho is actually the South American equivalent to the American cowboy. And, as our modern-day luck may have it they made quite a fashion statement with their wide-leg, cropped pants. The world culotte hails from France, but refers to the same garment: more specifically, one that hangs like a skirt but splits like pants. So pick your poison, both terms are correct.

It’s important to balance proportions while rocking this pants trend, but that doesn’t mean you should stay far away – they may very well be the only pants you need this year. Whether you go for super wide leg gauchos or a pair that is slimmer, but still roomy, style them with a cropped top or tuck in a thin shirt so that you don’t lose your waistline.

Though we all love our flats around here, if you are apprehensive to try this trend, step out in a pair of heels with the cropped pants first. You will be surprised at how elegant the silhouette looks and how flattering it can be on any body. If you are still confused whether it fits you or not, just ask yourself: don’t our legs all need a little more breathing room?



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