Bangkok mini diary, p.1

At 10 July, he said “Happy Birthday ma cherie, you’ll receive my b-day gift when you don’t think about your b-day anymore but still waiting for unexpected things…”

And that’s it. Yoann gave me such a surprising wonderful present for my birthday:

– 1st Surprise: He made a quite real flight ticket to go to Dien Bien Phu and gave it to me right after I backed from Nha Trang.  Surprise!?  (just have no idea why is DBP)

– 2nd Surprise:  International Gate – I wondered why I’m here when my flight go to DBP?! then after 10′, Ok, I was in Qatar Airways, flight to Bangkok!

Yoann & TukTuk
Biggest Lucky Budda
Yoann bought all T-shirts with special Code 
of funny sexual position images

Who said men can’t follow fashion? 
Yoann with his Color-Block style 😉
With this outfit, all the Thai people on road thought Yoann is crazy follower of Red-Shirts Party to support Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.


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