Summer holidays, La Ferté-Alais, France

9.20 am is the best time to start an idle summer day in La Ferté-Alais, a small town, peaceful and beautiful belong to a suburb of Paris. Referring to La Ferté-Alais, people usually remember the airplane demonstration or public exhibition of aircraft in the military (Word-famous air show) World War I and II. The aircraft museum in town owns the world’s oldest plane created by engineers, pilots Louis Charles Joseph Blériot. I was lucky to visit the museum Musée de l’Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis with free entrance (after 1 minutes saying hello and introduce I’m from Vietnam!) last winter.

This summer when Yoann and me visit family in France, on the way back from the airport Charles de Gaulle (CDG) to La Ferté-Alais, we felt so excited to see the vibrant town with colorful flowers grown in everywhere. Narrow streets, each familiar tree brought us a great “summer mood”. Stepped down the car, pushed the small wooden door leading into the main walkway to the porch, I smelled lavender and hydrangeas fragrant scents in the air. We had almost 10 minutes to move all our valises in our room and run out to garden. We were screaming so so loud when we saw all the plums and black berrys still “waiting for” us! (In fact, Yoann’s parents were so busy to keep eyes on the garden and almost forgot to collect fruits)

Our summer vacation started with the ideal breakfast with croissants and Nutella, hot “cafe au lait” with plums, fresh blackberry picked in the garden. Seeing Yoann’s laughing, his sparkling eyes, he wore a T-shirt from high school and started to climb in the plum tree as a 12 years old boy that gave me a flashback of my childhood with grean beens donuts or sticky rice (xôi), sometimes went to the backyard of my grand-grand mother to find guava and sapodilla, fulled my pants’ pockets. In the city far from Hanoi more than ten thousands km, it was so surprised to me to have back those vivid images of my past.

From the attic window, I made my hair free in the warm sun, a little bit of cold wind. 26 ° C today, typical summer day in France. Glide planes in the sky made many streaks of clouds twisting like a painter holding brush to draw many white line on the beautiful blue canvas. In the garden fulled of scents from lavender, lilac, pink hydrangeas, holding the book “La fille de papier”, I walk out into the garden…


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